To deliver the highest quality vinyl wraps and designs, all while inspiring creativity.

After designing and installing thousands of wraps, taking dozens of tests, and achieving crucial certifications we continually refine the skills needed to provide you with the auto styling services you deserve! Our mission here at Full Ass Wraps is to deliver the highest quality vinyl wraps and designs all while inspiring creativity.

Our professional team is small but extremely skilled. It is hard to find people that have the attention to detail we require from both our designers and installers. We are always looking for new applicants who meet our standards and take pride in what we do here.

We are very critical on the steps we take to get your vehicle that fresh new look before that jaw dropping, “new car feel” you will experience:

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We are a team of highly trained professional installers certified in the following fields:

  • 3M preferred color change & knifeless tape
  • 3M preferred fleet vehicles, walls, floors
  • UASG Bodhi
  • ISA digital learning badges
  • OSHA 10
  • Aerial lifts

Production – We only use the best quality materials on the market PERIOD. Our printers are custom calibrated for the brightest and most accurate colors. We understand the utmost importance on color when it comes to your brand and will achieve the results you search for.

Exterior Detail – We thoroughly detail the complete exterior of the vehicle, sometimes even the interior ensuring there are no contaminants for the installation process. This step includes a pressure wash with a foam cannon, degreaser and a clay bar kit for particles within the paint. This step is often overlooked but has been recognized as the most important.

Disassembly – Depending on the vehicle & project, certain parts will be removed from it in order to get the best end result. Parts are carefully labeled and kept together until reassembly is required.

Installation – We primarily use installation procedures set by 3M during this process unless a film recommends otherwise. We are ALWAYS looking into new installation techniques as well as sharing ours with others.

Our team stands by our work and that’s why we went ahead and threw it in our name. NOTHING is half assed here! So when quality means most, choose Full Ass Wraps.