The Following process is suggested for vehicles that have acquired more dirt than usual. The following supplies and procedures are what we recommend for achieving the best results without damaging your vinyl wrap.

Supply List: 

• Pressure washer (less than 2k PSI)  

• Wheel & Tire brushes 

• Wheel & Tire cleaner 

• Foam Cannon 

• Snow foam 

• X2 5-gallon buckets 

• X2 wash mitts 

• Microfiber towels 

• Blower / Air compressor

Important Notes: 

• Avoid spraying / blowing the edges at close range (less than 36”) as this may cause damage to the film and or lifting.

• DO NOT wash your vehicle in direct sunlight as this will cause water spots that may be difficult to remove.

• Maintain your microfiber towels to prevent scratches on the vinyl / paint. 

Wheels and Tires 

–  Start with your wheels and tires as these are almost always the dirtiest part of your vehicle. What we don’t want is the dirt and grime slashing up onto the vinyl in the later stages.

– Rinse down your wheels and tires with a pressure washer before applying your wheel cleaner. It’s important to use the wheel cleaner as it helps soften particles in this area before using your brushes to agitate. 

– Rinse down the wheels.

Prewash with a snow foam for the safest and most effective cleaning solution. Start at the top of the vehicle working your way down. Let the foam sit on the car for 5 minutes, this gives it enough time to pull down any dirt safely. - Pressure wash the entire vehicle. Starting from the top, remove the majority of soap. Don’t worry if you miss a few small spots as we will be adding more foam in the next step. - Set aside your two 5-gallon buckets as well as two wash mitts. One will be our dirty bucket the other will be clean. In the clean bucket of water add your soap (the back of the soap container will typically tell you the required amount for 5 gallons). - Snow foam the entire vehicle once again insuring you have covered everything. - Place both wash mitts in the clean bucket, grab one and start scrubbing from the top. Work in small sections (About 5 ft x 5 ft) scrubbing the panels in straight lines in the direction of wind flow when driving. Once you have finished with your first section, place your wash mitt in the dirty bucket and let it sit. Grab the second wash mitt from the clean bucket and resume where you left off. Once your second section in complete, place it in the dirty bucket to sit. Grab the first wash mitt you used from the dirty bucket, give it a good twist before dumping it into the clean bucket. Resume where you left off. Continue this process until everything has been scrubbed. - Rinse the vehicle off, make sure you have removed all the soap.


–  Grab your microfiber towels / drying towel and pull the water off in the direction of wind flow when driving.  

– You can use a leaf blower or air compressor for those areas where water may be trapped (Example: emblems). This will prevent scratches. DO NOT put compressed air toward the edges of your vinyl as it may peel the film back, ruining your wrap.



–  Using the bottle we gave you, spray a panel and wipe clean with a microfiber. At the end we recommend going back over the entire vehicle with a new microfiber to prevent streak marks. It’s very important you use the bottle we provided as it is for the finish you have chosen! Applying a gloss spray wax to your satin finish WILL change the appearance! Please come back by to get a new bottle as needed. You may also email us, and we can guide you in the right direction for purchasing other spray waxes. 



–  Looks good huh? Snap some photos and send them on over to us. You aren’t the only one proud of it! Pictures will be posted on Full Ass Wraps social networks, provide your username so we can tag you!